Swarm is doing well.

So, the swarm that was collected on May 9th is doing quite well. We have split them into two hives and introduced a queen in the new split, which is also doing quite well. I am very happy to say that both hives are quite docile and very easy to work with. I’m a newby so the more docile the better as I seem to get stung at least once every time I get into a hive.

My bee garden is slowly growing. I planted English Lavender a week ago and I’m hoping this will do well. If it does, I will be planting much more. I also LOVE hibiscus flowers. I currently have one in a pot that is doing quite well, but the small one I planted has been dug up by an unknown.  My next project in the bee garden is to get a honeysuckle bush.

Keeping my fingers crossed, I will be getting two new nucs in the next month.


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Beginning a honey bee farm is not as easy as it seems. With anything else, it takes research, knowing the business and best of all, knowing how to get started. It can be overwhelming at times, but I invite you to join me in following my journey as I attempt to grow a hobby into a business.

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